Nicole Wasko is a professional photographer and adventure traveler. She started her business in 2013 in Santa Barbara where she worked as a wedding photographer. Weddings are no longer her focus, but the experience she gained from shooting these fast-paced, high-intensity events has shaped her into an adaptable photographer who is able to work creatively on the fly with challenging light conditions and high-stress situations that come with photographing athletes in the outdoors. Preparation and planning are just as important in getting the shot of an action sequence of a rock climber as they are to the "first-kiss" during a ceremony. What makes her unique is that she has taken what she learned from the wedding industry and applied this experience to her outdoor adventure photography. 

She now lives in the Pacific Northwest where she photographs and produces photo shoots of adventure sports in remote locations.  She has also spent time working in the commercial studio photography realm and project management. Her love of the outdoors and adventure sports has enabled her to take her photo shoots to remote locations, where the challenges of working in the backcountry greatly increase the complexity of the shoot but are well worth the reward for her clients.

Located in the Pacific Northwest with access to endless outdoor playgrounds and picturesque backdrops, she has found a career in a field that is both rewarding and challenging.